Campi 300 Houseboat

In the sketch below you can see the standard layout of a Campi 300 Houseboat.

What to expect: Campi 300

This houseboat is 9.30 meters long and 3.06 meters wide. The dimensions of the superstructure are 3 by 5 meters. The floaters consist of polyethylene segments in a galvanized steel frame. Terraces: Front terrace 2 x 3 meters with stainless steel railings. Roof terrace of 3 x 4 meters with folding stainless steel railings. Rear terrace with stainless steel railings. The terraces are made of thermally treated "Pinja" wood. Living room with kitchenette, kitchen cupboards, sink, gas hob, sofa bed, and wardrobe. Bedroom with double bed with bed linen and storage space underneath. Optionally an extra folding single bed, for a 3rd sleeping place. Bathroom with shower, sink, mirror, toilet with grinder.

The steering position is inside. Thanks to the front that can be fully opened, the helmsman never has to miss the action on the large front terrace. There is a nice sofa bed in the living room. It can be unfolded into a double bed in seconds. A TV with outdoor antenna for DVBT-2, is located in the living room. The kitchen is equipped with a lower cupboard and an upper cupboard. The lower cupboard offers lots of storage space. Of course a refrigerator and freezer are present, these are powered with 230V. A gas hob with 2 burners guarantees easy cooking. A sink with a stainless steel tap is integrated in the kitchen worktop. 3 radiators, divided across the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, provide heating. Thanks to the good insulation, the inside is also comfortable during the winter season.

The sleeping area offers plenty of space thanks to the double bed. Storage space is located under the bed, under the sofa bed, and in the large closet, which is located in the living room. Right next to the sleeping area is the entrance to the absolute highlight of the boat, the bathroom. It is equipped with a shower, a toilet, and a sink. A washbasin cabinet has been installed under the washbasin, which provides space for towels, for example. Of course, there is a large bathroom mirror. The gasfired boiler is installed in a built-in cabinet in the bathroom. Through the backside you can reach the rear terrace. It contains a 9.9 HP High Trust Yamaha outboard motor. This is where the swimming fun start, with the help of the swimming ladder. The roof terrace can be reached via a ladder, which is also located on the rear terrace.

Technical equipment: LED lighting built into the ceiling, water pressure pump, drinking water tank 250 l, gray water tank 250 l, gas boiler for hot water and heating of the radiators in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, solar panels 2 x 250W, 3kW inverter, meter cupboard, 4 x 6V, 225 Ah batteries, Yamaha 9.9 HP High Trust outboard motor, 2 x 22 litres fuel tank. Stainless steel spud poles for anchoring are optional.

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Viewings of already built Campi Houseboats are possible. (Pictures Campi 400)

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